Cook Like A Masterchef: A Webinar With Masterchef Winner Aaron Brunet

Cook Like A Masterchef With Masterchef Winner Aaron Brunet

Aaron Brunet won Masterchef NZ in 2013 with his creative and wholesome approach to food and is a plant-based culinary genius! During this webinar, he outlines 10 essentials for a plant-based kitchen and describes how to fall in love with plant foods.

During this free webinar which covers everything from mindfulness to miso, Aaron discusses:

– How he approaches food for maximum enjoyment and satisfaction
– the 10 essentials in his plant-based kitchen
– what keeps him coming back for more!

Aaron writes a plant-based food column in the NZ Herald Bite magazine and is excited about the future of super-healthy food. As a plant-powered guy, he is one of the new breed of passionate foodies who have embraced eating for wellness and vitality as well as great taste.

Aaron has the belief that no one is going to ditch meat, dairy and junk food just because someone tells them it’s good for them. The alternative has to be tastier, healthier and sexier so we’re super enthused and busting to make the switch.

This webinar is hosted by Hannah O’Malley, a clinical pharmacist certified in plant-based nutrition and founder of The Better Base. Click play on the video below to watch now!

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Aaron is also hosting a ‘Flavour of Life’ retreat in Peru in September 2019. Learn more here.

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