Dr Mark Craig | GP

After training in medicine in Edinburgh, Dr Craig undertook some overseas study experience in southern India and Malawi. He then trained in surgery in the UK including Orthopaedics and Ear, Nose and Throat Surgery.

He wrote several peer reviewed journal published papers during this time, and realised General Practice would be the best choice to fulfill myself in medicine.

Dr Craig was frustrated by the bulk of his practice, diseases caused by lifestyle factors but being treated mainly by drugs with little hope of improvement.

Dr Mark Craig Cycling

He then encountered the huge amount of evidence linking diet and health through a colleague. This is very strongly supportive of a plant based, whole foods way of eating being optimal for our long term health. Mark sees this as the future of medicine but also of wellbeing for us and our planet.

In his spare time Mark races – triathlon, mountain bikes, swimming, multi sport, in New Zealand and overseas – and look after his two (vegan) boys aged 7 & 9.

Mark is delighted to discuss nutrition and health further with anyone in NZ, or anyone who wants to help set up a plant based lifestyle clinic!