5 Steps Towards A Whole Food Plant-Based Lifestyle

5 Steps Towards A Whole Food Plant-Based Lifestyle

Wondering what whole food plant-based means or how to get started eating this way? Check out this 60 second video for a quick overview!

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It’s a way of eating that maximises nutrient dense fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and legumes. There are literally thousands of options to choose from. Nuts and seeds are included, but processed and animal based foods are minimised or eliminated.

Think of bowls of oatmeal and fruit, wholesome bread and hummus, black bean tacos, vegetable stir-fry and curries on brown rice, grainy salads, roast starchy veges, wholegrain pastas and banana nice cream. The possibilities are endless!

Whole plant foods are generally lower in fat and calories so you can eat more of them. Eating this way might seem challenging at first, but it is incredibly tasty, satisfying and energising.