17 Plant-Powered Kiwis Share Why Their Lifestyle Rocks

Plant-Powered Kiwis Share Why Their Lifestyle Rocks

Seventeen New Zealanders are showcasing the benefits of a plant-based lifestyle through a recent poster series that has reached tens of thousands. Hannah O’Malley of The Better Base explains more.

Healthy, fit vegan plant-based New Zealand leaders share why their lifestyle rocks

New Zealand is paving the way towards a healthier and more sustainable future with more people than ever embracing a plant-based lifestyle. Why might this be…. and should you give it a shot?

A recent poster series by The Better Base features athletes, doctors, a dietician, chef and others from a wide range of backgrounds who share tips from their experience of the plant life. (1) 

GP Dr Luke Wilson, accredited with the International Board of Lifestyle Medicine, states “A plant-based way of eating can be so powerful for people’s health. Not just in the long term but in the short term as well. This is actually the best thing that you can do for your health”.

The posters leave no doubt that we can be fit and strong while eating plants, with action shots of an ultra-marathon winner, triathlon coach and fitness models. “I noticed a massive improvement in recovery, strength and mental focus. Animals get their protein from plants. Skip the middleman and go straight to the source”, says DC Cordtz, winner of NZ Fitness Model 2017.

It’s obvious that satisfaction with food is no barrier, with previous NZ MasterChef Winner Aaron Brunet loving the huge range of flavours to cook with in the plant kingdom. “As we start to eat healthier foods, our taste buds change too. Don’t give yourself a hard time if you’re not quaking in ecstacy at the thought of a salad, but it will come!”.

New Zealand is experiencing a ground swell in the number of people who are shifting towards a plant-based way of living. Protecting the environment is a hot topic, with the population expressing concern over issues such as river pollution and carbon emissions. The agriculture sector is by far the largest contributor to greenhouse gases in NZ. In 2014, over 49% of gross greenhouse gases came from animal agriculture. (2)

The number of dairy cows in NZ rose by 95% between 1990 and 2014 to over 6 million, which is also having a huge impact on the health of rivers. The land of the long white cloud as it is sometimes called, last year announced it’s ambition of making 90% of rivers and lakes ‘swimmable’ by 2040. (3) Currently a significant number of waterways in NZ are undrinkable, unswimmable and most native fish species that are monitored are either threatened with or at risk of extinction. (4)

However the outlook is bright and citizens are more aware than ever of sustainable habits, as described in the 2017 Better Futures report. (5) 27% of respondents stated that they either sometimes or always maintain a plant-based diet (no meat or fish) or vegan diet (no animal products).

The Better Base, a platform designed to help people eat more plants, created the posters to engage almost 10,000 attendees who attended the Go Green Sustainability Expo held in Wellington.

To learn more about the benefits of plant-based lifestyles and access Ridiculously Good Recipes, check out www.thebetterbase.com.


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Dr Luke Wilson New Zealand Plant-based Expert