Taste Of Plant Based

The recipes below are from the Ridiculously Good Recipes planner and are a good way to get started eating more tasty, filling, nutritious meals. If you want to learn more about what whole food plant-based means, click here. We’ve also included our top tips to get the most out of these recipes at the bottom of the page.


Hannah’s Bircher MuesliIf you’re after slow release energy to keep you going through the day then this bowl has got your name written all over it! Whip this up the night before to save time in the morning.
Super SmoothieA delicious berry smoothie for your morning get up and go.

Lunches & Dinners

Almond & Lentil Anytime SaladAn easy, filling, energising dish to eat anytime, anywhere! With whole grain quinoa and protein-packed lentils, this will redefine your view of salad and keep you fuelled up for hours.
Leafy Black Eyed Pea BoatsBlack eyed peas are the coolest legumes out and are definitely making a comeback! Stuff them into citrus silverbeet boats which taste so good you’ll forget you’re also getting a huge hit of nutritional goodness.
Stuffed Sweet PotatoBring baked potatoes into the 21st century by choosing a flavoursome sweet variety and filling it with delicious mexican flavours. This will likely become a household favourite!
Rainbow Super SaladIt doesn’t get much more colourful and nutrient packed than this! A dish that looks like a party and is one you’ll be celebrating when you feel the benefits of all the vitamin A, C, K, fibre and folic acid that it contains!
Butter Bean & Mandarin SaladCreamy butter beans and avocado paired with zesty mandarin make for a refreshing combination! This is a lovely light meal for warm spring or summer nights.
Chilli & Lime Tempeh NoodlesTempeh is made from soybeans and culture and if you haven’t tried it you are missing out! It’s great as a substitute for meat and can be sliced, diced or crumbled. This dish also features soba noodles which are made from buckwheat, a delicious nutty gluten free grain.
Satay Jackfruit & QuinoaJackfruit is commonly eaten in Asia but has been relatively unknown in other countries until recently. Buy young green jackfruit in a tin (make sure it’s in water or brine rather than sweet syrup) and tear it apart into meaty strips to add great texture to your meals. This dish is full of peanut and citrus flavours that bring the fruit to life!
Chickpea & Pesto PizzaA protein packed base made from chickpea flour, topped with nutty pesto and fresh vegetables. This might just become a regular at your place!


Top Tips

Whole food plant-based cooking might be a whole new world for you! Here are a few tips to make it easier…

1. Don’t be too hard on yourself or expect it to be simple from day one 

Your taste buds will change over time and shopping for food will become easy. But it’s unlikely to happen overnight!

2. Once on a recipe page, click the arrow button for an easy-view of the recipes

You’ll be able to cross off each ingredient as you add it to your dish.

3. Use the print button to print the recipes or shopping lists

You can also delete ingredients you already have at home and create a shopping list suited to you.

4. Shop at local markets and bulk bin stores or give online shopping a go

You won’t be as tempted to buy the foods you are trying to avoid!

5. Aim to minimise oil

All of these recipes are oil free but if you prefer to use some then try to use as little as possible. We usually use water in its place and sometimes you’ll have to add more when frying if the pan gets too dry.

6. Keep reminding yourself why you are eating more whole plants

For your health or the environment or ethics– you’ll have powerful reasons to keep it up!

7. Find recipes you LOVE

If the meals suggested here don’t work for you, search for other whole food plant-based recipes until you find some that you can’t wait to cook!

8. Have fun!

We hope you’ll find some new and delicious foods that you may not have tried before! Try to leave your excuses at the door and get creative… it’s a lot of fun!