6 Benefits Of A Plant-Based Lifestyle

6 Benefits Of A Plant-Based Lifestyle

Dr Mark Craig, a GP from Auckland, NZ, discusses some of the perks of a plant-based lifestyle.

1. It can prevent and even reverse many of our most common diseases and causes of death. 

This has been shown time and time again in studies large and small going back decades. ‘How Not To Die’ is a book which pulls together a lot of the evidence in this area, it’s well worth a read.

2. The same way of eating works for many different conditions, it truly is the magic bullet of medicine.

The reason is of course it is the way have evolved to eat over millions of years. The body is so amazingly well developed that given the right fuel (and when we stop putting the wrong fuel in) it tries its hardest to heal itself. Millions of intricate chemical reactions happen at the molecular level. It’s far more complex and able than even our most sophisticated lab made drug. 

3. People love that it gives control back. 

No longer a victim of genes or circumstances, people can actually make a massive difference to their conditions or to their well being. This also goes for optimising health if people are already well.

Last week a 35 year old lady I saw stopped 80% of her a inflammatory arthritis condition by dropping animal products and starting a Whole Food Plant-Based lifestyle.  

She said she thought that she had a good diet, but on reading the evidence for rheumatoid arthritis and whole food plant based diets, she changed her mind and it made the difference. 

This means she has avoided going on sulphasalazine, a potent and unpleasant drug with side effects. On eating even just eggs for one meal subsequently her pains returned, proving the changes weren’t a coincidence. 

We see these changes for different conditions regularly when people commit to the change. 

4. The same diet that is good for us individually is good for us on a public health and environmental level. 

Plant-based foods cause less pollution in their production and have the potential to feed the whole world. Our current food systems have exceeded our environmental limits and negatively impact forests, rivers, oceans, air and lead to wider health consequences.

5. You have more energy, feel lighter and have better gut health.

If you’re already well you might ask why change your diet? Well, no one ever regrets trying a whole food plant-based diet. You have more energy, feel lighter, better gut health and often get rid of those little niggles and minor complaints that grumble on, whether in our gut, skin, hormones, energy levels, or mental health and clarity.

You eat a bigger variety of foods and are better nourished. Once people change they almost can’t recall what they felt like before and rarely go back! Nothing tastes as good as health feels. 

6. It helps you perform at your peak.

Being a keen endurance sportsman, recovery and reducing inflammation is important. I recover much better from training sessions and races, stay flexible and strong and still compete at a good level in nation wide and international races in triathlon and biking. I feel better that I did in my 20’s!